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Custom Software, 2.0 Sites, and Internet Marketing for Business Agility

In a world of rapidly increasing change, complexity, and cost pressures, we help businesses with the latest technology and techniques to obtain the agility necessary to survive and succeed.

We have the expertise with a wide range of technologies to help you choose the most appropriate solution for your needs and apply it to produce real business results.
Website Development

Interactive web sites have become essential to run a successful business. We work with you and apply a wide range of technologies to quickly and affordably create new sites or convert older, static sites. We will help you select and use the most appropriate approach for your needs. From Facebook Fan Page or Wordpress development to Drupal or DNN development to our social marketplace framework or our highly advanced social business management framework, we are committed to your success.

Custom Software

If you need custom software development, our team has extensive depth and breadth of development experience. From fully custom solutions to components and adaptations of commercial frameworks we apply the appropriate technology for your needs. From web development to database development to mobile application development, we can support the platforms that serve your business. We are committed to building the solutions necessary for your success.

Social Marketing

Most businesses and organizations are being impacted by the rapid growth of social networks if they realize it or not. When all the friends of your customers are hearing about their experience with you, you can take steps to manage this for your benefit or you can ignore it. Social Marketing can be very powerful and very low cost. However, ignoring it can be very costly. We will help you maximize your social marketing approaches and tools to build success.

Market Highlights

Our senior engineers have experience in a wide range of industries and marketplaces. There are several marketplaces which we have especially focused on recently. There has been a lot of focus on Medical and Health Care web site and application development lately as that marketplace faces tremendous challenges and change. We have been able to help not-for-profit organizations of all sizes improve their efficiency and strengthen their relationships with their donors. Our social and e-commerce solutions are especially valuable for wholesalers who find they must adapt to a changing world. Regardless of the marketplace, we remain committed to understanding our customers' needs and helping them to succeed.

What our customers are saying:

We have found Agilize to be very capable, responsive, and committed to our success. Agilize has provided a software solution that we rely on each day to support a significant part of our daily revenue.

Robert Marsh, VP

Agilize helped us develop a new, interactive web site and to align our promotional approach with current market trends. Agilize was knowledgeable, easy to work with, and committed to our success.

Malcolm Cash, Chairman of the Board
Working with Agilize has been a complete pleasure. In addition to helping us provide innovative, interactive, and effective web site technology for our partners, their staff is knowledgeable, easy to work with and shows outstanding commitment to our success.

Jesse Medina, Partner Coordinator

Agilize helped us improve a key internal business processes with SharePoint automation. Agilize understood our need and provided a working solution even when unexpected complexity arose.

Nathan Dever, Managing Director
Pacific Coast Capital Advisors

Agilize is helping us bring our advanced health analysis system to the internet. Agilize has been very quick to understand our needs and to design an innovative solution. I have enjoyed working with them.

Sylvia Philpy, Manager
Integrated Health Solutions, LLC


Agilize develops component to integrate DNN with Facebook - Friday, August 06, 2010
Agilize realized that DotNetNuke (DNN) didn't have components integrating with Facebook, the leading social network platform. While Drupal and WordPress have components to help with this integration, DNN did not. Until now, that is. 

Some companies prefer to use DNN rather than Drupal or WordPress for increased robustness, performance, security, and/or scalability. However, it is a more challenging environment to develop for and thus has less components available.

Agilize's engineers were up to the task. If you to integrate these or other platforms be sure to contact us.   
Agilize Featured in directory of web designers - Tuesday, July 20, 2010
Agilize continues to gain recognition and was recently featured in the National WebDesigners-Directory.com Directory 
Agilize Social Marketplace helps Doctors connect with their patients. - Sunday, June 13, 2010
Agilize has helped a medical services company by adapting the Social Marketplace Framework to enable Doctors communicate with their patients in a secure, HIPPA complient, online 'Virtual Visit'. This is a tremendous advantage for patients to be able to quickly discuss a health issue with their Dr. without all the time and hassle of an office visit. It is also a tremendous advantage for Doctors who often end up spending up to 40% of their time on activities they are not paid for.